Friday, April 9, 2010


I had 22 pieces of stretched canvases on wooden panels of which I painted 13 pieces out of it. Most of them are at 10% in progress. Meaning to say that I have 13 unfinished paintings laying in my studio. According to my initial planning I have to complete at least 50 pieces of new artworks before end of June. If everything is in order and I manage to get it done on time then I will definitely be happy. Considering the time factor I have only 80 days to go and assuming that I will in good health I need to complete one painting in 1 1/2 day. I probably need to adhere this pace if not my whole intention to organise at least two solo exhibitions in Malaysia before year end will be jeopardise. Furthermore to couple with oversea exhibitions which I am in the midst of finalising the arrangement with few galleries I have to complete at least 100 pieces of my new artworks in total apart from the earlier planning.

I always hoping that the weather will be on my side because if it is too hot I surely cannot do my artwork during day time. Since I am using acrylic paint as my media the strong heat will dry the color to fast once applied onto the canvas and this will deter my brushstrokes. If this happen definitely I have to do my work at night and thus affect my whole schedule. In order to get a loose brushstrokes the colors that I applied must still in wet condition and not yet stick on the canvas. To be honest my vision during night time is not as good as before and this might deteriorate my color scheme eventhough by right I am not  a color blind. Looking at my earlier artworks one could note and differentiate the colors I normally used. Most of the colors scheme and tonation are almost or exactly the same in nature but if focus closely then one could see the difference between them. That is part of the strength in my artworks and could consider this as my signature. artwork in progress
I do not have any formal education in art but I have the determination to succeed in my art journey. Apart from exchanging views and ideas from some of my artist friends I am also randomly outsourcing the art info from internet in order to equip myself about art. Reading is important to increase the knowledge and also helps me to get new ideas especially on my new artwork. I always try to mix colors in the form and tonation that I like most. Color sheme that will not interfere my message in the artwork. On overall it will be eyes catching and soothes the mind. One could simply see the clarity of the colors and understand the hidden meaning of my text in the artworks, complex but manageable.

Going through my artworks thoroughly will make one feel welcome by the way I express my inner feelings. Simple and harmony-that what the artworks are all about.


  1. May GOD gives u a good health to keep you going with your artwork and your solo exhibitions.

  2. Thank you for your kind tots. I do appreciate it