Friday, April 2, 2010


This is another piece of my new artwork. Still focus on jungle as my subject matter, I try to relate as far as I could the relationship between the jungle as an outside world with our real world. Significantly the ties among these two could be expressed in terms of colors used and the brushstrokes which will determine the elements of ' spirit' or 'soul' and the surroundings.

As for the background, I used yellow ochre and partly light yellow to determine the earth. The overlapping of these two colors signify the change of time that is from morning to noon. Bright yellow indicates the sunshine and clarity of the environment and our feelings.

To represent trees and other flora as well as fauna, soothing and cool colors are used. It shows the harmony,love and emotions while dark and warmth colors such as burnt sienna, violet,vermillion and orange indicates the determination and survival.Whilst color such buff titanium is used to show the spritual elements and the wind strenghthened by the loose brushstrokes.

Work on this new piece is just 10% in progress and there are a lot more to do before it is done and complete. Hopefully I could finish the work in due course and it will satisfy me.


  1. Love this new art piece with new refreshing colour used

  2. Thank you Siti for your kind comment. I appreciate it.