Wednesday, March 17, 2010


To understand my artworks is quite easy because I focus more on colors which are bold,brilliant and vibrant. Besides they are more energetic and colorful. The themes and titles I frequently used dominates my journey in art. It tells the full scenerio of what I am looking and doing for in my real life. Art being part of me always concentrate between two sides of my real life that is being as an artist and a normal human being. I love jungle so much because of its surroundings. I hardly try to relate the jungle and the real life in most of my artworks. There are significant features between these two and most of it are very subjective. It needs more time to understand the coherent relationship between the jungle as an outside world and our real life.

Similarly to my artworks which requires the viewers to really understand the hidden text in order to match with the title given. That is why I focus more on the colors used and the brushstrokes rather then the title. Aspect of inner soul expression is part of the hidden text. It emphasize the depiction of emotions rather than the objects. Sometimes it could be considered as mind over matters as it is not really shown truely on in the artworks. Frequent views to my artworks could make one feel that it was just a sketch of colors overlappings on each other strengthened by spontaneous and loose brushstrokes together with repeated lines and dots.

Cool,soft and soothing colors represent harmony,freedom of mind,honesty and love while warmth and dark colors represent determination, focus and evolution of nature. Colors are everything. It takes the form.

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