Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Sketching is a part of on going process to capture subject matter or idea in order to ease artist in doing his artwork. Once the artist commence his new work,he will refer to the sketches as a guideline. On the other hand some artists sketch directly instantly  onto the canvas upon getting the idea.

I prefer to sketch whenever I have new ideas in mind. Normally the ideas came spontaneously. There are two ways of transforming my ideas onto the surface either on my sketchbook/papers or direct sketching on the stretched canvas. I used either artline pen on my sketchbook and acrylic paint on the stretched canvas( a monotone sketch or brushstrokes). Looking at my sketching one could easily note that I only apply single line sketch. In fact in all my artworks I had no specific subject matters that are seen or visualised. All are from my mind. That is what the MINDSKETCHING theme is all about.

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