Friday, February 5, 2010


Spirit of the Jungle-my latest theme. This is part of the parcel of my MINDSKETCHING series, a continuity of my previous themes..Virgin Jungle and Soul of The Jungle. I actually started working on Spirit of The Jungle series in November 2009 and managed to complete 5 pieces of artworks. I still favor to jungle series because of its uniqueness,beauty and the secret of oneoness. Being in the middle of thick jungle is scary if you been there for the first time. Once you are used to the surroundings you will fall in love-so cool and mind relaxing.

To show how spirit will look alike especially on canvas  is something unsual. It is quite difficult to express. Spirit is something which is unseen but we could feel its existence. Try to spend one night in the middle of a thick jungle I am very certain you will experience it. Out of no where you will feel so scary and frightening even sometimes can reach us on a deep soul level. This reflect the authentic expressions of soulful connection with the land,ourself and the nature.On the border between light and dark we dwelled, between the familiar tamed land of bright green rolling dairy pastures and the mysterious writhing intertwining of life-death-life in the shadowy greens.

To make my artworks look fresh and well express  I use similar color tones,cooling and soothing. Still maintain the unique vibrant,bold and brilliant colors too. Specifically to show ' spirit ' in my artwork I use spontaneous brushstrokes,lines and finger splash. Overlapping of different colors depict the change of atmosphere and environment in the jungle.There are to many significant features in the jungle that could be relected in my artworks but I prefer to show the basic elements only. Once it is done we could see a ' complex and in order ' form of artworks.

Spirit on the other hands is our inner feelings towards our life either we could see it or experience it. The determination to survive and adopt our way of life is part of the spiritual connection. In fact we could not depart our life from the jungle because it is where our life begins.


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