Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It has been quite a long time since my last posting in this blog. My schedules was very tight and I have no free time to upgrade even my blog. Throughout the whole December I was involved in a commission works which I just delivered the shipment last week. So after such a hectic moment which I encountered only on January 20th I managed to regain my normal live.Relax and enjoy my free time but still continue my daily routine as an artist.

I have just finished my sketchings on my new work,quite a number of pieces eventhough does not reach 100 sketches and I am very happy with it. Still on the jungle series theme but this time I will focus on the spritual side-Spirit of The Jungle. Maybe it sounds a bit scary and spooky but on canvas it will something different-so energetic and soothing I presume.Even on the similar phases and themes Spirit of The jungle is more 'complex but in order' if compared to the previous works of Virgin Jungle and Soul of The Jungle series.The color tonation and brushstrokes will differ a bit away from the latter series.To determine how ' Spirit ' looks like on canvas is something unusual to show. What will be the significant features is by showing the brushstrokes and finger splash to represent the ' Spirit ' while other factors in the theme remain obvious and understandable.

The element of spirit of the jungle on broader context will totally amuse the eyes of the viewer once the artworks are ready.This is a part of my schedule which I will adhere to and probably whatever I have outlined when working on the new works will be follow suit and taken place.

I hope I will be more enjoyable working on this new theme and deliver good artworks as well.I have to maintain my prominent signature in this work too so that the public will easily recognise my pieces.


  1. Love your art pieces!!! Vibrant & colourful always depicts your work. Can't wait for the new works to get done. Go for it, Luv!

    Shazlina Shazlan

  2. Thank you very much for your kind words. I will publish it in this blog once it is done.