Friday, August 17, 2012


I been compromised with the unscrupulous act of someone who had hacked my blog somewhere late 2010. Every minutes I used to substatiate the loss of time to regain my blog and unfortunately I failed. I feel so curious why do some people have the heart to do this kind of act to my journals. But with strong will that I have, finally  I get back to my blog. Thanks to Almighty who compensated my passion to continue writing my  blogs. I left this blog unviewed or updated for couple of months or almost a year from the last time I was permitted to login due to the warning by the propreiter not to access or browse my blog. I do heed to the advise. I regularly been restraint to login and thus deter me from surfing my blog. Now I have the strength to write and share some of my art journey and informations with the readers globally. I have drafted quite numbers of post before things going haywired and I saved it. Luckily my drafts was still safe untouched and I could post it to my blog for the readers. Thank you very much for your kind support.

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