Friday, May 21, 2010


Colors do sometimes make me feel comfortable,enlightened my mood,emotion and mind by its bold and vibrant tones as well as its freshness. Whenever I started my work either on a new piece or continuing my unfinished one, I was captivated by the openness of its beauty and expressions. Moreover colors have its significant impact on our  life and makes our vision as clear as could be. Without colors life is miserable. I was even stunned and fascinated by the spontaneous and loose brushstrokes together with the movement of colors on my very own piece. At every aspect of painting, I am actually enjoy playing with the colors. 

I try at my very best to let the people impressed and also enjoy viewing my artworks. The relationship between the colors and the subject matter are well depicted and understandable even for people with no art knowledge.Only the actual message in the artwork lies in the mind of the artist. He knows well. Looking at any artworks one could have their own expression and opinion. Blue,Red,Green,Black,White and Yellow-colors that are well known and familiar with to all walks of life.


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