Monday, November 2, 2009


Variegated Vegetation

Lush and generous, Azlan Adam's paintings depict prelapsarian jungles in perpetual celebration. The vibrant color and spontaneity of the festive flora suggest a lineage shared with jazz. Adam makes use of forms inspired by reality, but also incorporates the abstract. Some plant life seems invented, improvised as the plant life of the deepest parts of the ocean sometimes seems. For Adam, it is enough to show lots of vegetation. There is a spiritual and emotional quality to the jungle, which he undoubtedly values greatly, and some of his trees more like flowing souls.

As crowded with branches and vines as the compositions might get, the result is not a competition, but rather a harmony. The notion of " survivor of the fittest "does not yet exist in this world. None of the forms Adam uses are much more complex than those scrawled on the inside of ancient cave, but the aggregation is certainly sophisticated like a Seurat's dots. Rudimentary shapes are an apt choice for a " virgin jungle ". It takes a mature artist to show such restraint while maintaining a compositional complexity that puts the suspicious viewer at ease.

- Eugene Hwang, New York, January 2009

Full of color and interest!
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